Funniest guide to the collision of

Jewish and Yoga lifestyles.

You'll laugh yourself right out of (or into) Lotus position.  

by Author Rhonda Rosenheck &

 Illustrator DanaToon

Meet Your Neshama Guides

Essie, today's fit bubbe

Doc says to Avrum, "Yoga!" So, nu? Yoga.

Suri, Jewish farmer chic


“Yiddische Yoga: OYsanas for Every Generation,” by retired Jewish educator Rhonda Rosenheck, pokes affectionate fun at how Jews have become increasingly drawn toward Buddhism and Yoga over the past 50 years.

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As far as I can tell, Essie can Plank the daylights out of most of us. Don't mess with her grandkids on the playground, is the best advice I can give you.

Daniel Aaron is late! It's not enough to wake up at 5, be at work by 6, school by 3, AA by 7 & doing homework 'til 1. He should be on time for book appearances, too. Besides, I want to introduce him to my niece. 

Weekender Staff,

The Saratogian

Pretend Journalist, UPSTATE REPORTER

Noodgie Nosebody, BOOKS SCHMOOKS

BIOS: The Oyga Machers

What a punim! Yes, she's satisfied, because after Rhonda Rosenheck spent 33 years as a Jewish  educator, she now edits for a living and writes just because. From 80 hour weeks to this? What's not to be satisfied? Okay, the world at large is pretty scary, but there's chocolate for that.

Rhonda lives along a dirt road near Albany, NY. In a house, baruch hashem. She loves autumn and remembers every Feb-ruary that she hates winter. (With climate change though, that'll push back to March.) She hangs out at a makerspace in Troy. Her car's a mess but her heart is pure.

Favorite role: Auntie. 

Favorite scroll: Torah.

Favortie growl: Oyyyy.

        Need editing? Write to her at Rhonda

Albany Artist Dana S. Owen (DanaToon) has quite

the diverse portfolio. From painting murals to illustrating Albany's Official Web-Comic "Smallbany", DanaToon has contributed to the Capital Region Art Scene. A freelance illustrator for over 10 years, Dana has designed images for local businesses including the 2014 Mayoral Inauguration, and the logo for 2014 LarkFest, NYS's largest street festival outside of NYC. He exhibited  at the NYS Assembly's Office  in January 2015.

DanaToon was a resident at the Albany Barn, a live/work project that gives artists the opportunity to cultivate their professional careers.  Besides illustrating this deeply medi-tative book, He has a smart phone app in development. Need art? Reach Dana at


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