Daniel Aaron is completing his bachelor’s degree in soccer and social policy at the College of So-What-It’s-Not-Ivy,-My-Son-Is-Happy-and-Doing-Well,-If-Only-He-Would-Meet-the-Right-Girl-(or-Boy,-We’re-Not-Biased). Daniel Aaron is of the generation that is recovering, baruch hashem, from heroin use, wants both to drive a monster truck and to brag that he is so hip, he doesn’t even know how to drive. He took some credits at the School of Hard Knocks before finding himself in a New England city working a menial job, developing his spirit, and partnering with his Higher Power and a service dog named Lolly-pop. His family loves him even though he was a dramatic pain in the tuchas from puberty on. They wonder how this young man, who was always shicker or worse, has become their personal Siddhartha. It’s wonderful what the recovery community has done for him, though it could all look a little more Jewish. Aren’t there Jewish AA meetings he could go to? Did he know that the Reform synagogue across the river hosts Jewish meditation classes on Shabbos? Would he like us to sign him up? Particularly with his, ah, look, he’s got to make a point of letting people know he’s Jewish. And he’s still not too old for a Birthright trip to Israel, you know.